Estonian Cheer Open 2023

Category: Sport ja kehakultuur

Location: Harjumaa

Period: 18.10.2023 - 08.12.2023

Target group: Private

Online or on-site: Onsite

Suitable for children

The Estonian Cheer Open is an international cheerleading competition held in Estonia for the second year. We welcome volunteers to the secretariat of the event, where the volunteers’ task is to check-in athletes, introduce them to the competition area and provide them with information, also to prepare prizes including diplomas and other current tasks.

What skills/resources are expected from the voulunteers?

We expect volunteers to be insightful, friendly, helpful and willing to offer the event participants a pleasant experience. Attentiveness, speed and accuracy, as well as knowledge of English and teamwork will come in handy.

What volunteering offers?

Volunteering at the event offers the opportunity to contribute to Estonian cheerleading, empathize with the participants of the event, get acquainted with the organizing side of the competition, improve your English and develop teamwork and problem-solving skills.

What does the organization offer?

The organization provides catering to the volunteer and a souvenir of the event as a thank you.