TYPA is looking for an international volunteer mentor

Category: Ajaloolise pärandi säilitamine, Kultuur ja kaunid kunstid, Kultuur

Location: Tartu

Period: 12.02.2024 - ...

Target group: Eraisikule

Online or on-site: Online, Kohapeal

Our centre is committed to preserving the heritage of print and paper art. ESK volunteer programme is an opportunity for international volunteers to discover and experience Estonian culture and art.

What skills/resources are expected from the voulunteers?

As a mentor, your role is to provide support and guidance to the volunteers during their 10-12 month placement period. You’ll help them adapt to their new environment, learn about the local culture and customs, and build new friendships.

Previous volunteering experience or participation in an ESK programme is a plus, but certainly not a deciding factor!

As a mentor, you should speak English!

What volunteering offers?

If you would like to contribute to the international volunteering community and at the same time broaden your horizons and make new contacts, please contact us.

What does the organization offer?

TYPA offers the mentor the opportunity to experience a diverse cultural heritage, attractive offers and networking with our great team!