Volunteer work network

On 20 March 2014, 12 associations in Paide founded an Estonia-wide volunteer work network. The network unites influential organizations who promote volunteering in order to:

  • have a voice in shaping policies related to volunteer work;
  • advocate for the interests of organizations that recruit volunteers;
  • to be a stable partner for government offices that coordinate the field and the Ministry of the Interior;
  • jointly share possibilities and obligations in regard to development of the field

The network is open to all organizations that involve volunteers in their work to a significant extent. The associations in the network consider it important to promote and recognize volunteering so that it would become a highly regarded and natural means of contributing to the common weal. The network’s activities are coordinated by the Village Movement Kodukant, which has since 2013 been an official partner for the Ministry of Interior’s volunteer activity field. At the current time, the network has 39 members.

Contact details for members can be found here.