Come and help our refugee catering company!

Location: Across Estonia

We are looking for volunteers for a social enterprise we have launched with refugees. Many refugees are great cooks and are interested in working in food and catering, but it is difficult for them to start out alone. Our aim is to help refugees enter the job market, increase their social inclusion and introduce new flavours to the field of Estonian catering!

If you have worked in or are studying catering or enjoy organising events, you would be a perfect applicant.

Abilities/equipment required for volunteering

There is no need to worry, as every new volunteer undergoes a basic training course and we have a volunteer coordinator to help you get started.

General expectations of volunteers:

  • You are an open and positive communicator.
  • You are good at time management.
  • You stick to objectives and deadlines.
  • You want to achieve the best possible results and are not afraid to take on responsibility.
  • You are good at teamwork.

What will being a volunteer offer you?

  • New experiences and contacts.
  • Teamwork experience in a multicultural environment, as well as language practice.
  • The opportunity to discover exotic new recipes, ingredients and cooking methods and learn about different cultures.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the support of people from different cultural backgrounds and their opportunities for self-realisation, their motivation and gaining new skills in order to find their calling in a new country.

What can our organisation offer you?

  • Interesting and challenging activities in an innovative and evolving organisation
  • The opportunity to learn about the field of integration and contribute to its development
  • To support opportunities for self-realisation among refugees
  • Diverse training and development opportunities
  • A friendly and motivated team