Siin ja Sääl is looking for volunteers!

Location: Across Estonia

We are looking for volunteers for our new social enterprise Siin & Sääl, which helps introduce refugees and other immigrants in Estonia to the world of entrepreneurship. As we are still just starting out and we need lots of help. We organise workshops on the foods, dances and handicrafts of different cultures. We are looking for help in organising events, preparing rooms for events, putting on outdoor events, selling food and more. Our first event will be held this coming Saturday.

Abilities/equipment required for volunteering

We are looking for someone to join us who is friendly and responsible and who has an interest in other cultures.

What will being a volunteer offer you?

We offer the opportunity to learn about different cultures and take part in the activities of Siin & Sääl.

What can our organisation offer you?

We offer you the opportunity to take part in our events.