Volunteer at the Estonian Food Bank

Location: Across Estonia

The main activities of the food bank are food storage and logistics and assembling food packages and delivering them to recipients. Volunteers can help with the following activities:

  • transporting and carrying
  • sorting and packing
  • assembling
  • delivering food packages

If you would like to contribute as a volunteer, please contact your local food bank.

Abilities/equipment required for volunteering

There are many different ways you can help as an individual or a group – for example, with friends, colleagues or classmates. Anyone can to contribute according to their own wishes and abilities.

What will being a volunteer offer you?

As a food bank volunteer, you will be part of a large and important enterprise that affects many lives. In addition, you will meet lots of other great volunteers. You will leave with a good feeling and the knowledge that your time has helped to make someone else’s life better.

What can our organisation offer you?

We welcome interested volunteers to join us in our other activities as well. We offer volunteers the required resources and, depending on your local food bank, catering may be offered as well.