Volunteer at the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals

Location: Across Estonia

The ESPA needs volunteers in order to:

  • guarantee the effective and professional treatment and protection of animals
  • promote the principles of animal protection and raise awareness of animal-friendly lifestyles
  • support the ethical keeping of pets

Expectations of volunteers

The ESPA is looking for volunteers interested in changing society’s attitudes towards animals and in helping to protect animals. We expect volunteers to have good communication skills and respect for animals and to show initiative. In addition, we would like our volunteers to have access to a computer and the Internet. Knowledge of English and other languages will come in handy.

Volunteer tasks

We are looking for the following volunteers:

  • Emergency problem-solvers
  • Animal fosterers
  • Transport helpers
  • Designers

Volunteering offers you

The opportunity to learn about the animal protection field and its development in Estonia

Our organisation offers

The opportunity to help animals and change society’s attitudes towards animals. All through different activities and projects that volunteers can participate in.

Volunteers will have the possibility to:

  • participate in training courses
  • participate in events
  • educate themselves on animal protection