Volunteer at the library

Location: Across Estonia

You wish to help with language cafes, give advice to readers, organize events/courses, support and improve children’s interest in reading, share information about the services of the library or be of assistance with everyday tasks at the library (e.g. organizing the collection)?

If any on these options made your eyes sparkle with delight, then we welcome you as a volunteer at Tallinn Central Library! We are waiting for you at the Department of Literature in Estonian, the Department of Literature in Foreign Languages, the Department of Music, 17 branch libraries and the mobile library Katarina Jee.

Which skills/means are expected of/from our volunteers?

Our volunteers should have the readiness to contribute their time, knowledge, skills, experiences and ideas towards diversifying, library activities and introducing its services to the public. Anyone can volunteer – from the young to the elderly, people of different nationalities and people with special needs. Our  library’s volunteer is cheerful, creative and active. They have good communication skills and are easily able to find a common ground with library visitors of all ages.

What does volunteer work offer?

The purpose of the library today is to make people’s lives more meaningful and to support everyday coping skills. A library volunteer can, through their actions, assist with this purpose by helping, supporting and advisinge other members of the community. With their knowledge, skills and experiences volunteers are able to add value to library services, by expanding and improving what the library currently offers. A volunteer can view our services from the perspective of the service user, thereby helping us improve user friendliness.

What does our organization offer?

It is important for the libary that our volunteers feel as part of our team. We make sure that our volunteers are well prepared. We are in constant communication with our volunteers. They can participate in our courses, various events and meetings. We give credit to our volunteers at the Estonian Independence Day event. We are open to suggestions and good ideas from our volunteers. If necessary, we will provide our volunteers with letters of recommendation for their places of work and/or study.


More information is available here: https://keskraamatukogu.ee/en/volunteer-project/