We are looking for a mentor for a ESC volunteer in Viljandi

Category: Noorsootöö ja töö lastega

Location: Viljandimaa

Target group: Eraisikule

Online or on-site: Online, Kohapeal

We are looking for a mentor for our European Solidarity Corps volunteers in Viljandi!

  • First of all – who is a mentor in our context? A mentor is a local friend/contact person for our ESK volunteers.
    Volunteers spend an average of 7-9 months in Estonia and contribute their energy and time to different local organisations (kindergartens-schools, youth centres, social institutions). Read more about the European Solidarity Corps programme here.
  • The mentor helps the volunteer to understand local life and culture, and to integrate the volunteer into the local community. We highly encourage you to do great things together! For example, go on a little hike, have a board game night… or however you like to spend your time together.
  • Most importantly, a mentor is there for the volunteer if they need support or someone neutral to share their worries and joys. A mentor can be there to support the volunteer in reflecting on their development process and experience. These competences can be developed by the mentor through real-life practice and various training courses.
  • It is good practice to meet with the volunteer, for example, once a month, but each mentoring relationship will develop differently and eventually you will be able to tailor your plans according to both your wishes and resources.