Why and how to become a volunteer

With good deeds big and small, volunteers change the world. Even more important, the volunteer’s own world changes through volunteering. Volunteering offers positive emotions, a change of pace from everyday routine and a chance to get out of the house, pursue personal development and broaden one’s worldview.

As a volunteer, you can:

  • do something good and useful
  • discover yourself and put yourself to the test
  • acquire new knowledge, skills and experience
  • find new friends and connections
  • spend free time in a fun and activity-filled way

Learn about the possibilities of volunteering here. If you don’t find an activity that appeals to you right away, you can contact a county NGO consultant who can recommend local associations. Or you can write to info@vabatahtlikud.ee.

How to select the right volunteer activity?

If you find a suitable opportunity, it’ll be useful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want to become a volunteer? Are you looking for a change of pace or major challenges, want to help others or learn something new? Based on what you want to get out of volunteering, you can start looking for an activity and organization that are right for you.
  • What field am I interested in? Is some topic or field closer to your heart than others? Do you wish to put yourself to the test in an area that you don’t know much about but which you’re interested in?
  • How much time can I devote to volunteering? Often people overestimate their time and enthusiastically take on volunteering obligations that they find they later can’t fulfil. So it is wise to think about how much free time you actually have after all of your other activities.
  • Do I prefer to work alone or with others? Some people feel more confident working with others, while there are a number of volunteer activities that can be flexibly self-managed – you can work at a suitable time and place. Ask organizations that recruit volunteers what their work arrangements are like.
  • What do I have to offer others? Everyone has something to offer, whether it’s the listening sills, confident initiative or a radiant smile. Or do you have professional skills and valuable experience you can share in the context of volunteer work?

From our part, we can recommend associations who have the volunteer friend quality label. The label is awarded to organizations that have taken part in volunteer friend development programmes, have thoroughly thought through their recruitment of the volunteer and have organized volunteering in accordance with good practices of volunteer work. The labels are awarded by the Village Movement Kodukant in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior.