Volunteer management trainings

Dear NGO representatives,

  • Have you thought about mobilizing volunteers but don’t know where to begin?
  • Have you been looking for volunteers, but haven’t managed to find suitable people? Or do they leave your organization just as fast as they came?
  • Have you already recruited volunteers but feel it would be a good idea to take a more carefully thought-out approach to their activities?
  • Are you looking for new ideas for motivating and recognizing your volunteers?

Training courses

  • What is volunteer activity, and what is taking place in this field in Estonia and Europe
  • How to plan volunteer activity
  • How to find and recruit suitable volunteers
  • Supervision, development, evaluation, and feedback for volunteers
  • How to retain and motivate volunteers
  • How to recognize volunteers


Eha Paas has been involved with volunteering management in the field of village revitalization projects since 1999. In 2010, Eha helped launch the Pärnu County Volunteer Centre. Since 2013, she is the head of the volunteering area at the Estonian Village Movement Kodukant. Attendees of Eha’s trainings have praised the motivational boost and new ideas they get.

Anu Viltrop has been involved in volunteering management since 2011. In 2010, Anu joined Kodukant’s volunteering programmes in 2015. She is the editor of the Vabatahtliku Värav (Volunteer Gateway) web portal and has provided consultation to a number of NGOs and public sector institutions in organizing their volunteer activities. In addition, since 2018 Anu is on the board of the European Volunteer Centre.

If necessary, we also involve guest trainers from experts in our volunteering network.

More details and contact info

To make a more detailed inquiry, write to info@vabatahtlikud.ee.