The Volunteer Friend Label

The Volunteer Friend label is a badge of quality that stands for the good calibre and professionalism of volunteer recruitment in organizations operating in Estonia. The label is awarded to organizations that have taken part in volunteer friend development programmes, have thoroughly thought through their recruitment of the volunteer and have organized volunteering in accordance with good practices of volunteer work. The labels are awarded by the Village Movement Kodukant in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior.

How to apply for a Volunteer Friend Label?

At the start of the year, Kodukant announces the application round for the label, and if necessary and possible, applicants for the label are also added during the year. To apply, participants in the label development programme write to Kodukant expressing interest. After approval from Kodukant, the prospective volunteering organization fills in a questionnaire, following which a consultant visits the organization to see the current situation and talks to employees and volunteers. As a result of the analysis, the consultant prepares a report where the applicant is given feedback and recommendations for promoting volunteer recruitment. The fulfilment of criteria is also evaluated in the report. If there is no need to improve the situation, it is possible to move on to the next step – the evaluation.

If the consensus is that the consultant’s recommendations are salient, the organization prepares a plan of development activities, taking into account the possibilities, and carries it out during the agreed-upon time. Kodukant offers support and counselling to organizations based on their need, paying at least one follow-up visit to the organization and communicating by telephone or Skype.

After carrying out the development activities, the consultant reviews the results and at the meeting organized by Kodukant, a decision is made to issue the label.

Upon issuing the Volunteer Friend label, the issuer and recipient assume the obligation to honour the procedure and conditions for use of the label. The label is issued without a term, but once a year Kodukant asks organizations for an overview regarding recruitment of volunteers, developments and further plans. Kodukant publishes a database of valid labels and introductions to the label recipients on the Volunteer Gateway. Kodukant adds the label recipient to the volunteering network list, sending information on contemporary topics and if possible, offering the possibility of participating in training and seminars.

Kodukant has the right to rescind a label if it turns out that the volunteer recruitment does not take place at the agreed level or the organization does not annually provide Kodukant with information about the situation.

See the list of organizations that currently hold the label.

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